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 Xen Online

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PostSubject: Xen Online   Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:22 am

In the ancient ages, an almighty Creator,two Goddesses and numerous gods ruled over the land of Xen. The Creator forged the world, and the two Goddesses brought balance to it. The other gods maintained harmony of life on the world according to the goddesses' orders.

The elder Goddess Jurea, the Goddess of Love, was worshiped for her warm affection towards the people. The younger Goddess Plutans, the Goddess of War, was respected for her strength. The goddesses brought peace and prosperity to the land. Alas, the flow of time is unpredictable, and before long the balance was broken.

As peace prevailed for ages, the worshipers of Jurea increased, while believers of Plutans dwindled. As hatred and misunderstanding were banished from the world, there was no longer any reason to believe in Plutans. Before long, the people no longer remembered Plutans' birthday.

Enraged, Plutans secretly crafted a plot to summon evil from hell. The Goddess of War would raise the King of the Underworld - Testarotsa and his minions to the surface, and thus unleash hell on the Xen Continent. Testarotsa, seeing a golden opportunity, agrees to the plan without any hesitation.

Now the once quiet and peaceful land of Xen will be filled with evil...

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Xen Online
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