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 PristonTale II the Second Enigma

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PostSubject: PristonTale II the Second Enigma   Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:08 am

choose from 3 races:

Morion: The Morion tribe lives in the northwestern part of Priston. They are a gentle race, that live devout lives in praise of Pritos. They are well-known for their heightened mental abilities, which allow them to harness magical powers and skills. In the face of recent wars and in an effort to increase their combat abilities, they have recently began training Knights.

Tempskron: The Tempskron people's name is devised from that of two gods, Tempritos and Skronipe, whom they also hail as their creators. The Tempskron people occupy the southern regions of Priston. While the Morion people are gentle by nature, the Tempskron are more physically powerful and better versed in warfare.

Sophetio: The Sophetio people were created from demons by Midranda as a way of mastering alchemy. The Sophetio people quickly evolved beyond Midranda's reach and dark powers, pursuing interests in nature and forming cults. Midranda, feeling threatened by their growth, attempted to extinguish the Sophetio race, who then managed to narrowly escape his rule. The Sophetio race continues to pursue and prosper their own unique culture, using a combination of nature, magic, and dark powers, to overcome their physical shortcomings. The Sophetio races occupies the western region of the Priston continent.

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PristonTale II the Second Enigma
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