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 Tactical Intervention

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PostSubject: Tactical Intervention    Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:22 am

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After a century of world wars, global conflicts and indiscriminant terrorist attacks.
The 21st Century is an era of unease and polarization.

World leaders have come together to counter these threats by uniting their best Special Forces Unit to gain control over any terrorist attack.

Tactical Intervention

These unified Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists battle each other in a variety of realistic modern environments. Each player's role is to help secure their teams success through the use of the latest and greatest weaponry available to them as well as access to equipment ranging from shields and attack dogs to vehicles.

Tactical Devices: Numerous devices designed to be deployed during gameplay, which can radically turn the tide of combat.

Attack Dogs: Specially trained canine companions can be used to sniff out enemies behind doors and around corners, as well as in an attack role.

Uniform Accessories: Customize the appearance of your character with a wide variety of accessories. Helmets, goggles, gas masks, boots and more.

Rappelling: Players can attach rappelling line to certain objects in the game world, for a new variety of tactical approaches.

Healing : Heal team members during combat, or be healed and kept in the fight.

Team Co-operation Bonuses: Teams that fight together, gain bonuses together. Unit cohesion improves focus and accuracy in combat.

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Tactical Intervention
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