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 Cloud Nine

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PostSubject: Cloud Nine   Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:59 pm\

Once upon a time, the Holy Land of Lunatia was more peaceful than it had ever been. Harmony flowered throughout all the villages, and the land was always lush and fertile. The people were always cheerful and kind; melancholy was unknown to them. Furthermore, in Lunatia human emotions were controlled by seven gods, and the seven gods watched over this calmness in content. It seemed they were satisfied with the world and its people.

Eventually though, after observing the uneventful realm for a long time, Hemeroth, the God of Desire, who was known to be particularly bellicose, asked a question to all the other gods.

“What do you think? This world is peaceful and nothing really happens but the same old routine. If the peacefulness keeps up like this, humans and the land will start to devolve. I believe we should help humans go through a revolution. This will benefit them I believe…”

Nium, the God of Hate, Tristis, the God of Anger, and Ira, the God of Sorrow, all stood up to support Hemeroth’s thought.

“Let’s give our power to humans then, and the fire of revolution will light up!”

But Letuce, the God of Joy, Uydi, the God of Happiness, and Friezia, the God of Love, all stood up against them.

“What you are saying will only corrupt humans in the end! What we must do is grant them chances and watch them. They have the right to make a future for themselves!”

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Cloud Nine
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