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 Planet Calypso

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PostSubject: Planet Calypso   Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:59 pm

Planet Calypso takes the MMORPG genre to an exciting new level. With No Subscription Fees, you can Download the Free Software now, and join a real economic action-adventure as a human colonist on a distant alien world

You are invitied into the future to join an open-ended social, economic and political action-adventure as a human colonist on a distant alien planet. Explore over 1500 square kilometers, developing more than 200 unique skills, as you follow you own unique story with others from around the world.

You will enter a new chapter in Calypso’s story. After an exhausting five year conflict with an invading robot enemy, the long awaited promise of peace and prosperity on Calypso remains elusive. With the robots mostly repelled to their home world Akbal-Cimi, cracks in colonist solidarity are emerging.

The war-time economy has produced industrialists with the resources to buy up Calypso’s precious land, while disgruntled ex-soldiers are left to wander Calypso, hunting and mining for their survival.

Have you got what it takes to stake a claim on Calypso?
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Planet Calypso
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