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 Bounty Hounds

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PostSubject: Bounty Hounds   Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:09 pm


In the 24th century, mankind fought a bloody World War 3 where nuclear weapons ravaged the world asunder. The resulting aftermath left much of the Earth uninhabitable. The remaining places that were livable were on the brink of social collapse. There was a dire need for hope and hope came.
From the war came numerous nuclear developments. These developments destroyed the world but now are able to save the human race. Breakthrough research led to technology to make humanity leave the Earth and travel through the stars. Searching for a new place to rebuild as well as the hope of starting anew, the exodus to the stars begun. A few decades pass and humanity encounters its first intelligent life aside from itself. An intelligent parasitic alien race which can take over the bodies of other life forms. This encounter led to the first contact of many other races as this parasitic race started to cooperate with the humans in their forays into deep space.
Peace however was not to remain and eventually relations between the various aliens and humans started to crumble. Wars started breaking out left and right and it was only until the acts of Mercenaries did things begin to quiet down. These mercenaries are now currently working for the Galactic Counsel, trying to maintain the peace. Unfortunately there are many individuals and organizations that are still running rampant and it is up to the mercenaries to bring the peace they do it though is the real mystery.

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Bounty Hounds
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