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 Dekaron Online (formerly 2moons)

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PostSubject: Dekaron Online (formerly 2moons)   Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:16 am

Preparation for the Future - Dekaron
The time of the resurrection of the human race was not a time of ultimate rejoicing.
The threat of Karon and his followers still lived fresh in the minds of the survivors, and
they instilled this fear and caution in future generations. It was widely known that the
seals that held Karon trapped in the Abyss were temporary, and it was widely believed
that Karon would grow in power and one day seek to attack Trieste again. So the
humans continued to develop their knowledge and power to defeat any enemy, and
called themselves “Dekaron” the resistors and the enemies of Karon and all evil. This is
the time of the Dekaron and the struggle against the Abyss....

choose from 7 unique classes

Azure Knight: “I’m a son of Shumatra Choi, the hero of the Trieste continent and an Azure Knight of the Incar!”

Segita Hunter: “It’s simple. I look at only one point when aiming at my target. I am never distracted. I am unseen, as I am only the arrow.”

Incar Magician: “I am a messenger of the Incar.”

Vicious Summoner: “Black Magic- Call it what you will. I’m just a Summoner because I like the power.”

Segnale: “I will let you come close, but not too close.”

Bagi Warrior: “Warriors! Who is the common foe-”

Aloken: “I am an Aloken, hidden in the Eternal Forest no more. Demons beware my spear!”

Did I mention this game looks absolutely AMAZING?

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Dekaron Online (formerly 2moons)
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