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 Scarlet Legacy

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PostSubject: Scarlet Legacy   Sat Sep 03, 2011 6:55 pm

Princess Scarlet is the daughter of the goddess Yana from the Heavenly Realm whom was the immortal Keeper of a Holy Relic known as the Celestial Mirror, and a man named Chao whom was destined to become the Emperor of the Song Dynasty. Since time immemorial the Chi forces of Yin and Yang which comprise all of existence have been in an uneasy balance, with the Immortal Yang Chi rising to create the Heavenly realm, and the turbid Yin Chi sinking to create the Demon Realm. The human realm is between them, with the delicate balance of Chi between the two keeping it stable enough to exist. The Immortals of the Heavenly Realm agree to a voluntary ban from descending to the world below in order to prevent their Chi from tipping the balance and threatening to destroy the human world.

One day Yana glimpses Chao through a vision in the Celestial Mirror and falls helplessly in love. She disguises herself as a mortal woman and ventures to earth to join him, violating the agreement between the gods not to venture to the human realm. Moving to the remote Spring Village in the hopes of remaining hidden, Yana eventually gives birth to their daughter Princess Scarlet. When Yana is forcibly returned to the Heavenly Realm by the other Gods, she gives her daughter Scarlet the Celestial Mirror to remain linked to her family; however its power is greatly muted with her departure. Thinking Yana forever lost to him; Chao decides to return to the royal court with their daughter while rumors swirl around the countryside of terrible happenings and dark creatures. Families of villagers simply disappearing overnight, entire towns being butchered... this is where your Legacy begins...

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Scarlet Legacy
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