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 Combat Arms

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PostSubject: Combat Arms   Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:02 pm

Combat Arms is Nexon's first Free-to-Play first person shooter. Some games and companies do Free-to-Play games differently, so we’ll explain exactly what our mind-set is for this game.

First, Combat Arms will never cost a penny to play. Period.
Second, we believe that in any first-person shooter, being able to use real money to buy an uber gun sucks. It makes the game dependant on money and not skill (thus defeating the purpose of Free-to-Play), and skill is what a first-person shooter is all about.
Third, no unbalanced weapons will be bought with Nexon Cash. Ever.
If you're looking for the Golden Gun that will help you pwn everything with one shot, look elsewhere, because it's not here. Nothing game balance related is sold in the Cash Shop, and it's going to stay that way.
Finally, you’ll never have to pay a subscription fee.
Every single one of Nexon's games is Free-to-Play, and subscription free.
You need a free Nexon Passport to play, and that's it. If you have one already, just login and click the Start Game button!

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Combat Arms
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