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 Karos Online

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PostSubject: Karos Online   Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:04 am

In the year 666, the forces of Darkness learned that Skidd was to be reduced to ashes should they fail to unseal him. Even more spectacular was that Reth, the heir to Light, would be reduced to ashes should the forces of Darkness succeed in breaking Skidd free (662). Upon learning this, the factions within the forces of Light made a pact to share the Fletta Gems and the power under their control to drive out the forces of Darkness and save their heir. The pact was concluded at a meeting known as the Fletta Convention, and thus was born the Cafenril Federation, named after their god of Light. However, the rarity of Fletta Gems drove the Cafenril Federation into internal conflict. As a result, the Federation changed to a new and more aggressive strategy .... a total war to reclaim all of the Fletta power from the hands of the forces of Darkness!
Now the forces of Darkness would taste their own medicine. The Federation granted incentives to the factions in the form of private ownership of all of the Fletta mines they reclaimed from the enemy.
Furthermore, any hero who was to destroy the soul of Skidd, the heir to the Darkness, and eliminate Kera was to be appointed as the Commander-in-chief over the entire Federation army.
The whole continent became a proving ground to see who would control and extract the power from witihin the Fletta.
But tackling the forces of Darkness was not an easy task.
Now, the opportunity is open for anyone who would want to prove themselves. Will you claim to be the champion of Karos, or die trying?

This game looks AMAZING!
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Karos Online
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