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 Rohan Blood Feud

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PostSubject: Rohan Blood Feud    Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:29 am

Omen of Great Chaos - The Main God Disappears.
Ohn, having created the world, entrusted it to the five lower gods who created races respectively and allowed them to thrive. The first five races to be created--Humans, Giants, Elves, Halflings, and Dark Elves--developed land conferred upon them by the gods with the knowledge and skills acquired from the divinities. Ohn created dragons to station at the borders of each territory, and prevented cultures from blending with each race maintaining autonomous cultures.

Soon thereafter, a serious incident unfolded in the Human kingdom. KrauteDel Lagos usurped the throne upon assassinating the reigning king, his reprobate older brother. Kraute's 13-year reign drew to a close after the late son ousted him with a military subversion.

The prophet Haillok, an assistant to Kraute, left Human territory with a number of Humans, and headed to Bahran Island in northern Rohan Continent. They were the forefathers of the Dhan race.

Thereafter, peace ensued for a time. All races erected countries and constructed capitals perpetuating growth. In the Human kingdom, the Paladin system was institutionalized rooted in devout faith, and Giants cultivated warriors to protect their motherland from harsh nature. Elves trained in magic healing and spearheaded cultural development, and Halflings opened the path to cohabitation by living among animals. Dark Elves maximized magic power as a means of self-defense. Perfecting such autonomous cultures respectively, each race would ostensibly exist in quietude....

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Rohan Blood Feud
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