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 Digimon Battles Online

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PostSubject: Digimon Battles Online   Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:51 am

Animation based online game, Digimon Battle
The major feature in this game is 'Digimon', the character originally created by Bandai Group, one of the most famous Japanese toy companies.
Digimon was first created as a TV series by Toei Animation, Japan.
Toei Animation is a very well known TV animation production company in Japan, especially known for their Dragon Ball series.
All the many Digimon series were shown on network TV and on cable channels as well.
Digimon Battle is a game based on the original Digimon animation series and will be very enjoyable for Digimon fans. It will also be an exciting chance to make friends over Internet who share the same admiration for Digimon.
Non-violent game
Digimon Battle is not violent at all. It does not show any gory scenes like slashing enemies into pieces or blood splashing all over. That is important social issue these days. Unlike those violent games, users will experience pure adventures in the digital world and enjoy taming their own Digimons.
Playable for both Parents and children
Parents can play Digimon Battle with their children.
Digimon Battle is good for the whole family.
Come and enjoy Digimon Battle all together!

Become a Digimon Tsmer

Digimon Tamers are special people chosen by the good Digimon as partners in their defense against the rampaging evil Digimon.

In Digimon Battle, you and your friends are Tamers. As a Tamer, you will travel with your Digimon between both worlds and help your Digimon digivolve and grow stronger.

Sounds easy, huh? But do you have what it takes to become a legendary Tamer? Can you help your Digimon become the very best it can possibly be?

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Digimon Battles Online
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